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"Truth be told, I dropped my subscription to Datura Online because I like what you are offering so much more and how you offer it. Your wit, your intelligence, spontaneity and your Can Do attitude are truly charming and inspiring."

- CS, Mexico

"I highly recommend ANY opportunity that you get to work with Sahira. Sahira is one of the most dedicated teachers that I have had the honor of training with in my dance technique and choreography education. I have met with her for my own choreography project and the amount of attention and guidance she gave to me was unsurpassed by any other that I’ve experienced to date. There is no doubt that she will always be my “go to” instructor for all my choreography assistance and critique because I know that I can depend on her to be 100% committed to helping me create a quality performance piece!"

- Corinna, Houston, TX

I think you are an excellent instructor, one of the best! You are precise, detailed and patient with providing the breakdown and with repetitions that allows beginners like myself the best way to learn this beautiful art form of Bellydance.

- Evelyn, Anchorage, AK

"Sahira is an amazing instructor. She gives me peace of mind when I express any doubt in dancing abilities. Sahira always encourages us with our dance expression to best match our personalities, ensuring in our own personal technique. I have been able to present myself with my own body expression, and have been becoming more confident with my dance technique thanks to Sahira and her positive outlook. Due to Sahira's delineated breakdown of technique, I have been able to improve every aspect of my dancing, from body expression - to facial expression; all the way from the way I use my hands to the way point my toes! All of her students are lucky to have her, as she has nothing but positive and encouraging things to say. She is also has a touch of class mixed with exoticism in every dance move!"

- Kelly, Houston, TX

"Can I just say thank you for all your amazing content? You are a fantastic teacher. There are no belly dance classes in my area so your videos are very helpful to me!"

- Nikita, England


Muscle Isolation
Basic Belly Dance Movements
How to work with Props
How to work with Zills
Arabic Music Theory
and more...


Creative Expression
A New Love of Culture and Music
and so much more...

You're just the Best! You always infect others with your positive thoughts and Can do it approach, bringing smiles and happy thoughts to everyone. Thank you for being you!

- Roxy

"Sahira's Focus on Arms and Hands program is literally the icing on the cake. I consider myself an intermediate skill level dancer and have been working on improving the details of my dancing lately. Nothing I have tried in the last year has advanced that goal as much as some of the exercises in this program. I am finally seeing a refined extension and even a bit of flair that had been missing previously. As an added bonus the warmup exercises are flexing and loosening my arthritic hand and wrist joints! I am thoroughly enjoying the theory and practice provided by this program."

- Wendy - Waynesville, MO